Retail Training Course Overview

Having an eye for customer service as well as effective revenue management skills is the perfect recipe for retail success. You don't have to take our word for it; ask someone you know. At Oculus, we combined our customer service knowledge and tried and tested sales strategies to deliver a retail training program with results. If you are looking to get an edge on your competition, then this training program is designed specifically for you!

We work with your entire team, providing access to the most up-to-date and applicable tools to exceed customer expectations and break sales records. And as part of our commitment to customization, we will tailor our training program to your needs and help you become the greatest expression of yourself.  With the added help of our secret shopper services, you will better track how and where your sales practices can see improvement. Implementation will bring success!

Our services include: 

Retail Service Performance Management
How to create memorable experiences for customers. By the end of this program, your team members will be able to:

  • Follow customer service standards with ease.
  • Establish a personal connection and achieve customer engagement.
  • Create a lasting IMPRESS™ion and build a path to customer loyalty.

Retail Sales Management
How to use winning sales strategies. By the end of this program, your team members will be able to:

  • Improve frontline selling skills.
  • Build high-performance teams and create an efficient workplace.
  • Measure and qualify a sales opportunity.
  • Present information and details based on acquired product knowledge.
  • Establish rapport and personalize each customer experience. 

If your retail outlet needs a boost, or you would like to take things to a new level, contact us at Oculus for more information. Try our retail training and retail mystery shopping service for free!

The retail training program can take your sales to new heights. When your customers experience the difference in your retail service, they will not only want to spend more, but they will tell others about your service.

What could your team walk out the door with?

  •  Understand the basic sales concepts.
  •  Be able to apply advanced customer service skills and personalize a customer's shopping experience.
  •  Identity when a "no" means "no" and when "no" means you didn't ask the right question.
  •  Follow all company standards and have the tools to implement new sales skills.

Delivery Options

Retail training can be delivered with the options below

<b>Trainer-Led Training</b>

Trainer-Led Training
We visit you


A trainer via the web


24/7 pre-recorded learning


Unlimited Training Topics

Our retail training programs already include many great evidence-based topics for you to choose from. But we don't stop there! If you don't find what you are looking for, we can create it for you. Within 45 days, we can research, design and present an option that is absolutely customized to your brand or operating standards.

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What makes our courses special? Let us count the ways!

Course Features

100% Customization

At Oculus, we don't just create a course, box it up and send it out to all of our customers. Yuck! Who would want that? Our live retail sales training courses are customized to meet your needs and address your specific goals.

100% Customization

Online Availability

We know it is hard to train everyone at one time in one place, that is why you have the option to turn your retail training into an e-learning course. WOW! Check out more information about our e-learning subscriptions.

Online Availability

Desktop Work Tools

Workbooks - Yawn! Desktop Tools - Yippee! We give your team more than just a workbook; we provide some great work tools to use at their workstation.

Desktop Work Tools

Standard Operating Procedures

Need SOP documents to include in your employee handbook? Our retail training programs include those hard-to-write SOP documents for your viewing pleasure.

Standard Operating Procedures


Our trademarked IMPRESS and RESPECT retail training programs will train your team members with an easy to understand and memorable method.


Training packages are available to ensure your training is reinforced.

Monthly Membership
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