Mystery Shopping Options

Understanding what is happening when a customer visits your location is important. Since you can't be there to oversee every situation, why not have a secret shopper or auditor visit your location and evaluate what is happening with your sales, service or cash integrity?

Many organizations, particularly in the hospitality industry, use onsite mystery guest reports to better understand their current sales and service process with typical and atypical customer profiles.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Have a mystery shopper call your location.

Are your team members following sales, customer service or company standard operating procedures? Learn from the recorded telephone conversation audio as well as progress reporting to coach your team to success.

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Onsite Mystery Shopping

Have a mystery shopper visit your location.

Recording feedback from live, in-person visits can provide you with the data you need to implement changes to meet your customers' needs.

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Packed with



You don't have to be worried about managing data and interperting results. Our mystery shopping programs are full of features to make it easy for you to see how your business can improve.


Coaching Feedback

Coaching Feedback

100% Custom

100% Custom

Social Coaching

Social Coaching

Target Shops

Target Shops




That's not all. We have even more mystery shopping features that we can tell you about.


Amazing Fact

Did you that Oculus clients are evaluated to perform 211% better in sales and service than their competition? That could be you!


Custom Criteria

What you want the mystery shopper to look for during a mystery shop is completely up to you. You can choose from our list of pre-defined strategies or you can incoporate your own standards.

Don't worry! We don't charge extra for incorporating your standards into our system!



Easy Reporting

Mystery shopping results are uploaded into our state-of-the-art reporting system that will allow you to slice and dice the results data any way that you choose. Best of all, it is easy to use!


Mystery Shopping Questions

Mystery shopping is a great way to audit your team’s performance, service attitude, engagement and integrity. The purpose of a mystery shop is to provide an unbiased assessment of where your company is currently, and where it can be in the future. Companies that use mystery shopping services have an advanced tool to better communicate goals and objectives to their team members.



Why do I have to provide an email to access your system?
From time to time, we might require that you provide us with an email address to access our system. Don't worry! We are not going to send you any promotional spam emails. We hate them too! If you access our Web-based Reporting, Chatter and Salesfo...

Telephone secret shop coaching tips
7 great tips to take your telephone secret shop call and turn it into something to help your business grow. By Ai Ming Tappin, Oculus Training You have been anticipating the moment that your telephone secret shop report shows up in your inbox. Yo...

What are the hours for mystery shopping?
Our mystery shoppers work around the clock, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. We have you covered....


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How does an extra
sound to you?

Your training and mystery shopping investment does pay for itself and then some when your team members perform well. Let's take this conservative example calculation:

*Calculations are based on example data. (New Customer:$100 + Upsell:$10 + Repeat Customer: $100 x 2 Shifts) x 220 Days.

Shoot for the stars! We can help get you there.

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