Telephone Mystery Shopping Overview

We love telephone mystery shopping here at Oculus because we feel it provides your learners with the opportunity to make changes within your organization. That is why we don't call them mystery shops, but "opportunity calls".

During a telephone mystery shop, a caller (also called secret shopper) will call your location and present a pre-set scenario to your team members. The call is recorded for coaching purposes. When the call is completed, the recording is sent to an Oculus Coach who will evaluate the performance of the skills you require, tone of the call, and provide valuable coaching tips and tricks.

Finally, the results are sent to your inbox and available within our web-based reporting system for further analysis.


Smart Start

Per Scored Call

PDF and Audio Included

  • PDF Coaching Report
  • Recorded Audio File
  • Social Coaching Access


Per Scored Call

PDF and Audio Included

  • Smart Start +
  • Recorded Audio File
  • Social Coaching Access
  • Individually Selected Tips
  • Recorded or No Callbacks


Per Scored Call

PDF and Audio Included

  • Coach+
  • Individually Crafted Comments
  • Competition Calls
  • Online Rate Comparison
We have lots of great features like 24 hour scheduling, 3 attempt callbacks, graded tone and much more

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Package Discounts
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We do offer package discounts based on factors such as the number of users, months required, and additional package services. Contact our sales department for your custom quote and you could save up to 40%.

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Types of Calls

We are not just a one trick pony! We have many types of call experiences just for you.











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Telephone Mystery Shopping Options


Call Only

If you have your own evaluation and coaching program, not a problem. You can have us call your location and send you the audio files only.



Smart Start

Smart Start telephone mystery shopping calls provide you with a summary of which skills were completed, the average grade, and the tone of the call experience.



Coach opportunity calls provide you with a summary of which skills were completed, the average grade and tone plus our coaches will select coaching tips to help your team improve.



Motivate goes a little further and provides hand-crafted coaching feedback and specific practice information to ensure success!

Look & Learn

Our telephone mystery shopping reports are designed to be customized, easy to read, and practical so that change becomes easy. Read more about our web-based reporting system and how to review your call results.

Telephone Mystery Shopping Questions

We're awesome, and you'll see why when you review your first audit result. Each result will receive a personalized opportunity map that can be customized to fit your business factors and regional exceptions. Customization is king with Oculus!




Why do I have to provide an email to access your system?
From time to time, we might require that you provide us with an email address to access our system. Don't worry! We are not going to send you any promotional spam emails. We hate them too! If you access our Web-based Reporting, Chatter and Salesfo...

What if someone doesn't do well?
It happens! When someone doesn't perform at a level that we feel meets the minimum standards, we will send you a specific notification letting you know that additional training is recommended....

Are the mystery shops recorded?
Yes! Our auditors will call your location, and the entire conversation will be recorded. Once we review the call for quality control, it is sent to you!...

What if we start recognizing a mystery shopper?
RED ALERT! If you know who our shoppers are, it means that they are not being mysterious. We want to know this immediately so we can fix it. Shoppers that do not maintain their mystery identity will be removed from your account; our happy promise gua...


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How does an extra
sound to you?

Your training and mystery shopping investment does pay for itself and then some when your team members perform well. Let's take this conservative example calculation:

*Calculations are based on example data. (New Customer:$100 + Upsell:$10 + Repeat Customer: ($100 x 2 Shifts) x 220 Days.

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