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For those brave souls who dream of an exciting career in sales, we know that it is not always an easy journey, and sometimes you need a few extra skills to get the one-up on your competition. The sales training IMPRESS™ program can help your sales people take all of their skills, modify them, add some new ones, and make everything consistent.

At Oculus, we have compiled proven sales and service strategies, scientific studies, and customer service experiences to create a sales training program that focuses both on the customer experience and revenue generation. All of our sales training programs are designed with you in mind and allow for complete customization. By using the results from the ongoing mystery shopping part of the program, we can target the static areas of your sales practices as well as those in need of some improvement. Some examples of the sales training program experiences are:

IMPRESS™ the Guest Sales Training

This will teach you how to generate maximum revenue by using evidence-based sales strategies. In this program we will:

  • Present product value customized to the sales experience.
  • Collect appropriate company and caller data.
  • Measure and qualify a sales opportunity.
  • Understand the competition and present accordingly.
  • Establish rapport and a connection with every sales experience.
  • Encourage and establish special requirements.
  • Establish an advancement and follow-up sales procedure.
  • Understand the need for cross-selling.
  • Be able to present information that applies to the customer experience.

The Walk-Around

Understand how to build an interesting site tour inspection. In this sales training program, we will:

  • Present product value customized to the sales experience.
  • Set up a site to IMPRESS™ the incoming customer.
  • Collect appropriate company and caller data.
  • Measure and qualify a sales opportunity.
  • Establish rapport and a connection.
  • Establish an advancement and follow-up procedure.
  • Be able to present information that applies to the customer experience.

We know that sales training is needed for even the most experienced salesperson to fine-tune their skills or for the new salesperson attempting to break into the market. From cold calls to how to incorporate into your daily operations, we can help you!

What could your team walk out the door with?

  •  The ability to personally connect with your customers
  •  A sales action plan
  •  How to qualify and present values
  •  The ability to make cold calls
  •  An understanding of how to prospect
  •  How to overcome buying resistance
  •  How to set forward actions 
  •  Time management skills

Delivery Options

Sales training can be delivered with the options below

<b>Trainer-Led Training</b>

Trainer-Led Training
We visit you


A trainer via the web


24/7 pre-recorded learning


Unlimited Training Topics

Our sales training programs already include many great evidence-based topics for you to choose from. But we don't stop there! If you don't find what you are looking for, we can create it for you. Within 45 days, we can research, design and present an option that is absolutely customized to your brand or operating standards.

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What makes our courses special? Let us count the ways!

Course Features

100% Customization

At Oculus, we don't just create a course, box it up and send it out to all of our customers. Yuck! Who would want that? Our live sales training courses are customized to meet your needs and address your specific goals.

100% Customization

Online Availability

We know it is hard to train everyone at one time, and in one place, that is why you have the option to turn your sales training into an e-learning course. WOW! Check out more information about our e-learning subscriptions.

Online Availability

Desktop Work Tools

Workbooks - Yawn! Desktop Tools - Yippee! We give your team more than just a workbook; we provide some great work tools to use at their workstation.

Desktop Work Tools

Standard Operating Procedures

Need SOP documents to include in your employee handbook? Our sales training programs include those hard-to-write SOP documents for your viewing pleasure.

Standard Operating Procedures


Our trademarked IMPRESS and RESPECT sales training programs will train your team members with an easy to understand and memorable method.


Training packages are available to ensure your training is reinforced.

Monthly Membership
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Sales Training Topics

We have tons of great sales training courses that will be a perfect fit for you and your team. Take a look at some of the most popular topics or have us design something specific for you.




Can we mystery shop our sales agents/managers?
Yes! A mystery shopper can call your location and record the conversation with your sales team. Once the call is completed, it can be scored using the pre-set criteria that you have chosen for your location....

Does your trainer make live sales calls?
Yes! During the training session, the trainer can sometimes make live sales calls to demonstrate a variety of sales experiences and techniques....


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When you have an opportunity, why not maximize the potential? We will show you how to recommend, offer and upsell additional products or services.

The ability to connect with others will dramatically improve sales opportunities. If you can relate, make a recommendation or share an experience with a customer, you will begin the process of building loyalty.

Getting a yes to a sale can sometimes be a journey. We will show you how to gain advancement with your customers to move sales forward.

Need to increase sales and think a package would be a great way to build interest? During this module, we will help you review how to create compelling packages to attract the right type of customer that makes your business outshine the competition.

When potential customers enter your doors, you need to showcase the possibilities available to them and ensure that once they leave, they want to come back and buy. During this module, we will review how to make a location site tour an unforgettable experience that stands out from the competition.

Learners will understand how to open a sales or service opportunity appropriately, retrieve the information needed and ask open-ended questions. The Invite step covers how to make a customer comfortable in those crucial first moments of any interaction.

Sometimes customer meetings are short with time constraints that don’t allow you to cover much ground. During this module, we will review how to host meetings in 20 minutes or less.

Understand how to respond to resistant buyers in a professional and non-persistent manner.

Never assume that your customer can “connect the dots” to your product. They may know a few things, but it is always a good idea to paint a mental picture for them and to demonstrate how your product or service can match their needs. WIIFM?

It is imperative to make the right impression with your customers. Proposals and contracts need to be clear and match your brand and overall experience. Learn how to customize proposals and include details that will “wow” your customers.

Learners will discover how to ask the right questions to understand more about the customer’s wants, needs, budget, etc.

During a show, you are managing many potential customers at once and on top of that, are juggling time constraints. We will review how to create a strategy that will help you collect the necessary contact information while ensuring that you build interest in your products and services.

Gone are the days of long-winded messages. Busy people will only give you a minute, sometimes less, so make every second count. In this module, we will review how to write effective email communications and how to leave voicemail messages that generate interest.

Every opportunity will at some point expire. It is important that you be diligent in your follow-ups. During this module, we will review when and how to complete a successful sales opportunity follow-up.

There many tools on the web and within the social media realm that can assist a sales team in their efforts. In this module, we will review some of the tools and methods available to assist in generating leads, and uncovering opportunities.

We know that many sales people dislike making cold calls, but ultimately, to develop new business, you have to start somewhere. In this module, we will provide examples and tools to help turn a cold call into a warm call! We will ensure that your sales team grows more comfortable with these calls and that your customers are more receptive to them.

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