Recapturing OTA Reservations Training Course Overview

All hotels love online travel agencies (OTAs) and their marketing power across the globe! Our OTA partners like Expedia, Travelocity, and the like are invaluable in helping us attract new customers to our hotel locations. However, even with this "loving" relationship, there is a time, when we need to market to our guests to build loyalty to our own brand. Relying on OTAs to attract our customers is a risky decision. When your potential guest logs onto a website to view your hotel, even though they may have stayed with you on their last outing, they are also going to be exposed to many of your competitors. The pictures, prices, and promotions flashing by on their sidebar make it very tempting to say: " I'll just take a quick look at a few other places..." And it is that easy to lose their good intention of booking directly at your website.  

Why not keep their eyes only on you? 

As OTAs build and launch their own customer loyalty programs, we need to use the tools and resources that we have at our hotel location to attract and retain our customers. We want to change their OTA habit and ensure that they start to book directly with us. This allows us a greater degree of control over the quality of their experience because it will be our own special in-house customer service experience.  In addition to the customer experience, direct bookings allows for increased revenues by avoiding increasingly high agency commissions. It is a win-win for both your hotel and your guest!  

In the Recapturing OTA Guest module at Oculus, we will teach your reservations and front desk teams the skills they need to help promote the benefits of staying loyal and booking locally at your location. 

Within this module you can expect to find: 

A review of the VIP Perks Concept with management

Prior to the presentation, your Oculus account manager will schedule a call to review the training process and ensure that the presentation will work within current operational constraints.  We will also present new ideas to be considered to attract customers to confirm their reservation directly with the property.


  • What is an OTA?
    In this section, if needed, we will review the basic definition of an OTA, and we will outline the advantages of having a good partnership with an online travel agency.

  • Why do customers stay loyal to an OTA?
    In this section, we will discuss and highlight some of the reasons why customers stay loyal to OTAs.  We will also educate learners on the OTA loyalty program benefits that your location must compete with.

  • Why should customers book direct?
    In this section, we will discuss and highlight some of the advantages of booking directly with the hotel. 

  • Matching Online Rates
    In this section, we will speak to matching online rates when a caller questions your direct rates versus those they see listed on an OTA. 

  • Undercovering OTA inquiry calls
    From time to time, customers call your location to confirm information they see online. How do we recognize when this is actually happening, and how do we turn these inquiries into sales opportunities?  We will show you how!

  • Introduction of the VIP Perks Concept
    We will introduce the VIP Perks program to your team with your pre-selected perk advantages.

  • How to overcome resistance from an OTA guest
    We never want to alienate an OTA guest. In this section, we will speak to addressing concerns or complaints from OTA guests who are requesting access to direct booking benefits.

  • How to present the concept of booking direct at the time of reservation
    In this section, we will look at how to present the direct booking benefits at the time of the reservation.

  • How to present booking direct at the time of check-in and check-out
    Now that your OTA guest has stayed with you, it is time to turn them into a loyal guest and encourage them to confirm their next reservation directly with us. In this section, we will speak on how to present the direct booking benefits at the time of check-in and finally at check-out.

During our live training session, we will practice by role-playing and working through some of the scenarios that are highlighted within the group discussion.  Within our e-learning modules, coming in late 2017, our animated examples will address questions and present scenarios that are typically addressed within the live training session.

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