Complaint Management Training Overview

It is easy to provide great customer service to those individuals who have a great personality, but not every experience is a positive one. At Oculus, our Complaint Management Training program can help your team turn Grumpy Gusses into Singing Sally's. Your employees will learn advanced request and complaint management skills that will delight even the most discerning customers. The complaint management training program will teach participants how to approach difficult situations with confidence and poise. The program will focus on how to use problem-solving skills to turn challenging customer experiences into positive ones and ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Complaints are not always easy to deal with. People often act differently when emotions are running high and their expectations (no matter how unreasonable they might be) are not being met. Without proper training, small and often manageable complaints are addressed to management because associates are unprepared or unwilling to deal with the task at hand. At Oculus, we don't believe that "passing off" problems is a very efficient way to run any department. When a team member doesn't have the abilities to cope with any situation they are given, there is a potential for loss of revenue.

The Oculus complaint management training program will give your employees the tools they need to manage and find solutions for incoming challenges without the constant need for supervision. Through pre-approved stages of empowerment and continued coaching, your team members will be able to deal with any issue, big or small. This program is customized to provide guidance for known issues. Some of the complaint management components that can be included are:

  • Effectively manage and solve incoming customer service complaints.
  • Provide cost-effective customer-centric solutions.
  • Create confidence and independence with operations staff.
  • Track and review opportunities for change management.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction to encourage positive reviews.

Success can be determined by a decrease in customer complaints and an increase in positive comment cards and online feedback. Oculus mystery shopping can also be conducted for this module. A shopper can target your location with a complaint to access the problem-solving capabilities and to provide additional methods of improvement.

What could your team walk out the door with?

  •  The ability to personally connect with your customers.
  •  The ability to completely understand root issues and their causes.
  •  The ability to ensure satisfaction.
  •  The methods and tools needed to track and follow up on issues.
  •  An understanding of the consequence of unsatisfied customers.


Watch and Learn

Take a look at our short complaint management introduction video. 


Delivery Options

Complaint management training can be delivered with the options below

<b>Trainer-Led Training</b>

Trainer-Led Training
We visit you


A trainer via the web


24/7 pre-recorded learning


Unlimited Training Topics

Our complaint management training programs already include many great research-proven topics for you to choose from. But we don't stop there! If you don't find what you are looking for, we can create it for you. Within 45 days, we can research, design and present an option that is absolutely custom to your brand or operating standards.

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What makes our courses special? Let us count the ways!

Course Features

100% Customization

At Oculus, we don't just create a complaint management training course, box it up and send it out to all of our customers. Yuck! Who would want that? Our live sales training courses are customized to meet your needs and address your specific goals.

100% Customization

Online Availability

We know it is hard to train everyone at one time in one place, that is why you have the option to turn your sales training into an e-learning course. WOW! Check out more information about our e-learning subscriptions.

Online Availability

Desktop Work Tools

Workbooks - Yawn! Desktop Tools - Yippee! We give your team more than just a workbook; we provide some great work tools to use at their workstation.

Desktop Work Tools

Standard Operating Procedures

Need SOP documents to include in your employee handbook? Our sales training programs include those hard-to-write SOP documents for your viewing pleasure.

Standard Operating Procedures


Our trademarked IMPRESS and RESPECT complaint management training programs will train your team members with an easy to understand and memorable method.


Training packages are available to ensure your training is reinforced.

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