Casino Training Course Overview

Every guest that steps inside your casino, or stays in your hotel, is about to enjoy the entertainment and the thrilling ambiance that can only be experienced at your location. What if you could help them genuinely experience everything you have to offer? Ideally, you want to make their visit memorable, and you also want to increase your revenue. Let us show you how to IMPRESS™ your guests from the gaming floor to in-room dining. You will be taking all of their experiences from good to great.

Through interactive training sessions and ongoing support, this program will introduce your team to (proven) methods that help to make the casino environment more enjoyable for your customers. These enhancements increase both your gaming revenues and the length of stay.

At Oculus, we know that providing exceptional customer service is essential in today's business environment. Using the IMPRESS™ the Guest experience program for casinos, your guests will experience how your casino is different - from the first point of contact to the last. Starting from the moment your call centre agent responds to an incoming reservation inquiry, our IMPRESS™ training will ensure that your agents ask the right questions, and sell the best products and services to meet the needs of potential guests. Even with the technical selling skills that are acquired during the casino training course, we focus on selling in a personalized way to ensure that your customer experiences don't become scripted, but remain personable, authentic, and professional.

On the floor, we can show your employees that customer service should be fun, and most importantly, it can be interactive. No matter which department you want to improve, the IMPRESS™ training program will provide steps to WOW the customer, while maintaining a level of brand consistency and personal flair throughout the entire casino. Our customer service training will promote change within your casino employees as they learn to be more innovative in their service delivery.

Training with Oculus doesn't last one day. The philosophies and methods gained during the programs, once applied, will last your team a lifetime. The training will create change, and assist in overcoming learning objectives that may be hindering skill advancement. With manager support, the IMPRESS™ training will build a new team environment. It will help to blend these new concepts into a rich corporate culture that your employees will be proud to be a part of. Better yet, your employees will walk away feeling confident that they have the training they need to exceed employer and customer expectations.

Your customers will keep coming back to your casino, not because of their winnings, but due to the winning customer interactions that have been personalized to ensure their satisfaction.

What could your team walk out the door with?

  •  The ability to personally connect with your customers.
  •  The capability to quickly uncover guest needs and wants.
  •  Advanced selling skills to use during a guest interaction.
  •  A general understanding of the customer's “buying brain”.
  •  A firm understanding of your customer service and sales goals.

Delivery Options

Casino training can be delivered with the options below

<b>Trainer-Led Training</b>

Trainer-Led Training
We visit you


A trainer via the web


24/7 pre-recorded learning


Unlimited Training Topics

Our casino training programs already include many great evidence-based topics for you to choose from. But we don't stop there! If you don't find what you are looking for, we can create it for you. Within 45 days, we can research, design and present an option that is absolutely customized to your brand or operating standards.

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What makes our courses special? Let us count the ways!

Course Features

100% Customization

At Oculus, we don't just create a course, box it up and send it out to all of our customers. Yuck! Who would want that? Our live sales training courses are customized to meet your needs and address your specific goals.

100% Customization

Online Availability

We know it is hard to train everyone at one time in one place, that is why you have the option to turn your sales training into an e-learning course. WOW! Check out more information about our e-learning subscriptions.

Online Availability

Desktop Work Tools

Workbooks - Yawn! Desktop Tools - Yippee! We give your team more than just a workbook; we provide some great work tools to use at their workstation.

Desktop Work Tools

Standard Operating Procedures

Need SOP documents to include in your employee handbook? Our sales training programs include those hard-to-write SOP documents for your viewing pleasure.

Standard Operating Procedures


Our trademarked IMPRESS and RESPECT sales training programs will train your team members with an easy to understand and memorable method.


Training packages are available to ensure your training is reinforced.

Monthly Membership
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