Telephone secret shop coaching tips

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7 great tips to take your telephone secret shop call and turn it into something to help your business grow.

By Ai Ming Tappin, Oculus Training

You have been anticipating the moment that your telephone secret shop report shows up in your inbox. You hope for the best, but maybe you have some fears of how your team will perform. Finally, the results are in! Now what do you do?

Participating in a mystery shopping program is a great tool to coach your team. You can use the details you find within your report to help your business grow and create some change. But, as with any tool, if you don’t use it, you lose it. So don’t waste your time and money by just filing those audit calls away in a dusty email mailbox. Let’s use the results to create some meaningful changes at your location. Your telephone secret shop calls are a great way to give recognition to your star performers, and coach others towards improvement. Who knew! (cheeky grin)!

We have put together a simple checklist of steps to take to ensure you are getting the bang for your buck and using your telephone secret shop for its purpose; to grow your team!

1. Listen to the Telephone Secret Shop Audio
Listen to every audio recording so you can hear what your team is saying to your clients. When Johnny talks about his runny nose and phlegm during the call, you might want to know, for example. Take note of great examples and also, the poor ones to use them later in your coaching sessions with team members. Providing your team members with great examples can help them compare what they do with a seasoned team member. The Oculus system sends audio recordings to both your email and within our reporting system.

2. Read the Report and Coaching Tips
Your Training Company is the expert in giving your advice and tips – that’s why you hired them in the first place! Read their report carefully to identify the shortfalls and the recommended solutions. At Oculus, we assign a coach to your account, so this person really understands your location and will customize the tips to ensure they fit for your team. They will listen to each every telephone secret shop at your location. Use the coaching tips provided to help in your discussions with your team.

3. Create a Plan for Change with the Team Member
Identify those individuals who need additional coaching, then schedule some one-on-one time. Remember not to be too harsh. We all make mistakes. Maybe your team member is new or nervous, or maybe they just don’t care! Whatever the case, more practice might be needed. Discuss areas of improvement, and determine a course of action together. Involving the team member in the solution makes them feel important that their opinion is valued. You can log goals within the Oculus web-based reporting for management and print a copy and provide this to your team member. If they walk away with something tangible, they might take the coaching more seriously.

4. Post Examples of Calls on a Wall for Discussion
Who doesn’t want to have “wall of wonders” showcasing the awesomeness which is your team? Post your exemplary calls as well as less-than-great telephone secret shop. We are all in this together, and we can all learn from each other, the good and the ugly moments included! Discuss calls with your team and encourage comments and constructive criticism prior to posting them on your wall.

5. Create an Incentive Plan for Improvement
Remember those gold star stickers that you would get in elementary school? Everyone wants a gold star because they love to be rewarded for good behavior. Come up with prizes, contests, and games for your team if they reach their goals. Makes that telephone secret shop more exciting to get! You can make up different categories – Highest Score, Most Perfect Scores, Most Improved, etc. Prizes don’t have to be lavish – consider gift cards, movie tickets, or dinner at a popular local eatery. Maybe even a hug!

6. Connect Often with your Coaching/Shopping Company
We love hearing from you, but with any good relationship, it has to be two-way communication. Don’t wait for us to reach out to you. Ask questions or for additional information if something is unclear. Your Coaching/Shopping Company is there to assist you and your team to improve and would be more than happy to provide any extra help that you need.

7. Schedule Additional Shops
Remember, training isn’t a one-time event. Don’t just do one series of shops then forget about it. Continue to measure your team’s results by scheduling more shops. You can even target individuals that need additional coaching. At Oculus, we do offer a target telephone secret shop for those that need some extra help or don’t get shopped that often. The more that your team gets to listen in and be coached on the standards you have set for them, the better they will be!

These are just some simple steps that help bring your team to new heights! So, the next time you see a telephone secret shop show up in your inbox, set some time aside to make it really count. You will be glad that you did!

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