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Life is full of tough decisions. Should I let mother meanest move in with me or just put her in a home? Should we try for children and experience the joys of parenthood and the sleepless nights? Do I want bacon or sausage for breakfast? Another toughie is deciding on the right hotel online training program for your team. When you have to train as many departments as you do in a hotel, and take into account all the brand standards that may come along with that, it’s important that you choose an online coaching program that can meet all your needs.


No two hotels are exactly the same. Your hotel is one of a kind, and naturally you want its unique qualities to come across in the hotel online training program you develop. When shopping around for a training company, look for one that has the flexibility to customize any of its courses, surveys, and quizzes to your specific wants. A great hotel online training program will give you all the basics, but still be able to go with the flow of the ever-changing market standards.


Another thing to look for in a hotel online training program is mobile accessibility. In a world that’s becoming increasingly dependent on portable computer technology, it’s important that your hotel provide the option of online training on mobile and tablet devices. And even though use of these devices is discouraged in the workplace, who knows the kind of role they could play in the near future?


A good hotel online training program will also offer a tangible way to assess your team’s understanding of new sales and service standards. Are you looking at programs that have the option of quizzing learners in training concepts? Are their quizzes able to accommodate a wide range of question styles, such as multiple choice, fill in the blanks and free response?


Another factor to consider is the option of reporting in your hotel online training program. Reports are a crucial part of assessing the success of a newly-enforced training program and the progress of your team. Being able to monitor your team’s performance becomes even more necessary if you are trying to cut down on training costs and taking advantage of self-guided learning techniques.


And lastly, a winning training company will provide takeaway achievement certificates to your staff members for a job well done. There’s no better way to motivate learners and encourage growth than with a document that recognizes their accomplishments.


So you now have all the tools you need to make an informed decision. We hope this video will help make that decision a little easier for you.

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