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Three secrets to making your training a success

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Okay, so you want to give your staff some training in customer service. Maybe your receptionist sounds too informal over the phone. Or your salesperson ignores customers that walk into your store. Or your housekeeping manager barges into rooms when your guests are going at it. Training companies like us can help get your team on the right track, but you can also do your part to make sure that our programs are a hit with your staff. I’d like to walk through just some of the ways you might achieve this.


The first is to develop standard operating procedures, or S.O.P.’s for your staff members. Whenever you introduce changes in the way tasks are to be performed, it’s important that they be noted down so that your team has a guide they can refer back to. Remember to not only explain what and how things should get done, but also why you want them done that way. Customer service doesn’t come naturally to everyone – and especially not to Danielle in housekeeping – so always break concepts down in your S.O.P’s. 


The second thing you want to keep an eye on when implementing training is the personality your employees exhibit. Team members being trained in new skills can often sacrifice their personality in an attempt to follow procedures to the T. But you don’t want a robopocalypse on your hands! Sure Tanya used to let a swear word slip every once in a while, but now she sounds like she’s reading a script off a teleprompter. There’s a difference between consistency in service delivery and consistency in just delivery. Encourage your staff to complete their new skills with their own personal flair – swear words aside, of course.


The last tip we would like to offer to help you promote learning is, try to make training as fun as you can. It’s not just your staff that could sacrifice their personality for performance; you could become the stern, stick-in-the-mud tyrant that takes himself and his rules a little too seriously. Infuse your training sessions with jokes, videos, role-play and open and honest discussions about the direction of your team’s new SOP’s. If you create a fun and happy work environment, you know Tariq’s going to start giving a warm greeting to anyone that walks through your doors! Try these tricks out, and watch you training take off! It’s that easy.


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Our most popular delivery options


If you don’t want to lead your own customer service training, we can help you. There are many great ways to deliver Oculus customer service training programs. Here are the three most popular options for this program. You can choose one or combine all three to ensure that your training will stick!

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