Web-based Reporting System

Systems and reporting for management

The Oculus web-based reporting system is easy to use and will give you ultimate flexibility in how you view your mystery shopping and training results. Our system is built on the Salesforce platform, so you know your data is secure and you have access to the best in client support.

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Manager Tools

  • Sort through the list of options available to find specific or groups of results. It’s as easy as point and click.

  • Need to provide some additional coaching and receive further guidance? All Oculus support documents can be found within the portal. Just type in a keyword and voila!

  • When inside a record, see how your team did and review the comments from your Oculus trainer.

Team Access

  • Every member of your team can access downloadable reports and audio files of their recent mystery shop results, keeping them engaged.

  • Best of all, it is available on smartphones and tablets for easy access!

Reports and Charts

  • When you click on the reports tab, you will have access to a lot of great reports. The Oculus portal comes loaded with them. The data is sliced in a variety of ways so you can narrow down where training needs to happen. More of a visual person? Each report includes charts, graphs and a breakdown of your results in any way you choose.

  • Unlike other mystery shopping companies, we include customized written feedback on our forms when you choose "coach" or "motivate" mystery shopping. We want your numbers to have meaning!

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