Gigi’s Day at the TownePlace Sudbury

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We have all read lots of great articles and stories from many hospitality and customer service experts. They fill our minds with ideas on what we can do to increase guest satisfaction, make our guests loyal or go above and beyond. All of this information is great, but as the saying goes, if you snooze, you lose, meaning we often put those great ideas on the back burner and we lose them over time. We forget, and we stick to what we already know. BORING!

We are proud to say that some organizations actually use what they learn and find ways to WOW their customers. Oculus is pleased to present this amazing client story showcasing how Christine at the TownePlace Suites in Sudbury, Ontario did just that!

It all started when a child left her favorite stuffed animal, affectionately named Gigi, at the hotel. Once Christine was made aware of what had happened, she jumped into action and put herself in the shoes of the child.

“I know how devastating it can be when you have lost a stuffed animal,” said Christine. “It happened to me.”

Christine could have done what most hotels do. Collect the address and details and send Gigi back to her rightful owner. That would have been nice, but Christine isn’t nice! She is a customer service superstar! Superstars want to make a difference, and that is where this story gets interesting.

Christine remembered an idea she had seen in the past, and a light bulb went on! It was the perfect time to put on her thinking cap and try something different. So with a smile and the help of her coworkers around the hotel, she took photos of Gigi having fun around the hotel, waking up late, having a snack and even walking the red carpet.

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She didn’t stop there! Putting her creativity to good use, she crafted a letter to Gigi’s owner from Gigi.


“I wanted to make it seem like the animal stayed behind for a reason and that the girl didn’t leave it behind,” said Christine.

Amazing! That kind of empathy and kindness is what makes Christine an outstanding service provider, not to mention an incredible human being. This is an example we would want to see from all of our team members and from any hotel that we would stay in.

Christine says that she likes to help people, that it is fun and that she enjoys the interactions! We couldn’t agree more. That is why we tip our hat off to you, Christine. On another note, if you are going to Sudbury and you don’t stay at the TownePlace Suites, well, that is just bad planning. We are not saying this because they are our client, we just don’t want you to miss out on your own Gigi experience!

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