Recorded Webinars made easy!

Training your team can sometimes be a difficult task. You might not have the budget for customized e-learning, nor the flexibility to have everyone attend a scheduled webinar. This is where Oculus recorded webinars can assist you.

Recorded webinars are recorded video-training that can be uploaded into your learning management system (LMS), meaning they can be available for your team members 24 hours a day, seven days per week!

Unlike boxed training programs, recorded webinars are completely customized to your objectives. You get to work with the professional instructional and training design team to create a training program that will work perfectly with your goals.

You can choose from any of our current training programs to build your recorded webinars, or start from scratch.


Pricing Options

Check out our pricing for recorded webinars. Need more than one? Email support for a customized quote.

Quick and easy!
  • Video format
  • 25 Minute Runtime
  • 10 Minutes of Animation
  • Custom script
  • One round of script changes
Make it count!
  • Video format
  • 35 Minute Runtime
  • 15 Minutes of Animation
  • Custom script
  • One round of script changes
  • Include your company logo
Training that sticks!
  • 45 Minute Runtime
  • 20 Minutes of Animation
  • Custom script
  • One round of script changes
  • Include your company logo
  • Desktop tools and downloads
  • Opportunity to white label the training

The Design Process

Our recorded webinars are customized to fit your needs. There is a bit of a process to creating them, but this allows us to build something personalized for you. How does the process work? Here are the four steps to making our recorded webinars:

1. Choose

You choose the topic that you need to review with your team. You can adapt something from our list of training programs or we can work with you to create your own.

2. Discuss

When you know what you would like to train, our team will schedule a discovery call to plan your customized script. 

3. Design

Our design team will take our script and ideas and turn them into something fun and exciting to be viewed by your team members. We will work to ensure your presentation is a thing of beauty! 

4. Presentation

Our professional voiceover actors will record your presentation, and it is then sent to our in-house team for editing. Depending on your choice, we will create downloadable worksheets for your LMS.


Types of Training

Our recorded webinars can include any of our IMPRESS training concepts.

Customer Service

Complaint Management



Generational Learning

Dealing with Difficult Personalities


Check In and Check Out

Automobile Reception


You can see all of our courses in our training section.

Training Courses


Recorded Webinars Questions

Recorded webinars can train just about anything that you can think of; from sales, service to sensitivity or even a how-to video. The choice is yours. Read some of our most common frequently asked questions and contact us with yours.




Can I add more animation time?
Yes! We would be happy to include additional animation minutes in your package. If you would like to add more animation, it will cost $150 per hour for the animator's time....

Does white labelling cost extra?
Yes. In order to white label your training, we will need to change all of our video design templates. Depending on your needs, this can cost an additional $300-$800. Our sales team will be able to better provide you with an accurate quote....

How long does it take to make a recorded webinar?
It takes about 5-10 days to research and write your customized script. If we receive your script approval within 2-5 days, it will take about 1 week for each 10 minutes of screentime. ...


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Monthly packages starting from $288!


Anytime, anywhere for anyone training. Sounds good to us!

Your recorded webinars are waiting for you! Just contact us to get started.