Custom E-learning Design

Getting all of your team members together for a training day is not always feasible. We get it! However watching a "Powerpoint" type online presentation is not going to drive home your content, either. Your learners are going to tune out quickly. With TV and video being so accessible, why not create a video course that is engaging, fun, and more in line with today's e-learning standards.

Our custom e-learning product is the perfect solution to create your own feature-film. Each has a professional actor that brings life to your content, cartoons to showcase examples, and professional-designed tools at your disposal. These are all included in one of our custom video courses.

With just a one-time investment, custom e-learning will be available to train all of your team members for many years. New team members are trained quickly, and you can reinforce your learning objectives with existing team members at any time. Not to mention that your team members will be happy you didn't make them sit through another boring 80's style training video!

Discovery Call

Our training staff will schedule a discovery call to understand your company’s goals. Turing a handbook or procedure from an idea to a film isn’t easy, but the results are invaluable. The Oculus team will do the hard work and help you gather the information needed to create a syllabus specific to your location. 

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Our writers will write an in-depth, fun, and engaging script to cover your course concepts. The script will be sent to you for approval. One round of changes are included.

Course Structure

To avoid information overload, we structure your content into 10-minute modules. Watching a long e-learning course is not effective for most learners.

On Camera Talent

Once you have approved the script, a professional actor will read your script on camera, bringing your content to life.  

Choice of Backdrop

You get to choose the look and feel of the video. We have a selection of backdrops that you can choose from.

Custom Animation

Our animators will create animated video characters that will illustrate your examples in a fun and entertaining way. No boring PowerPoint slides happening here! 

Voiceover Artist

Our professional voiceover artists will bring your animated examples to life by lending their voice to your production.

Course Visuals

Word visuals like lists, steps, tips and key points are added to the video presentation.

Logos & White-Labelling

Your logo, a hashtag, and titles can be added to the video as an overlay. You can completely change the look and feel of your course by choosing the color template and adding your branding wherever you see fit. 


Our post-production team will bring all pieces together, adding music and transitions to refine your video presentation.


Our instructional design team will create printable tools to accompany your e-learning course.

Content Delivery

The finalized modules are sent to you in MP3 format or uploaded into our learning management system (LMS). Should you subscribe to our LMS, downloadable tools and quizzing are also available.


Watch and Learn

Review some examples of what your custom e-learning could look like!


Get comfortable and make yourself a snack!  The feature presentation is about to begin.

Contact us to get started on your very own custom e-learning video! 

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