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Training a team is hard. You have to get everyone together in the same room. Schedules have to be organized, and overtime has to be paid. And of course your customers are still demanding your attention. Why not make your training easier with the e-learning training portal by Oculus? We have loads of great features to make our learning portal easy to use, and dare we say it, fun! Within 5 to 10 minutes, you, or your learners can be up and running. 

Any of our training programs can be customized, designed and made available in our e-learning system. Take a look at the current courses offered by Oculus or think of your own. You tell us what you need and our instructional design team will do the rest! Developing an e-learning training program for your team can be a daunting task, and rather than attempt to do it all on your own, why not let us take over the reins? Here at Oculus, we have the expertise and the equipment it takes to transform pedantic training programs into fun and exciting learning opportunities.

Our e-learning programs have a few features that put Oculus on the cutting edge of online course development.  See an example below of one of our online training courses.



If you choose, we can write your instructional scripts and build your program from scratch so you don’t have to worry if our training is a good fit for your team. Your courses will be designed with only you in mind.

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We add levity to our e-learning programs with cartoon animations that make training a treat.

Video Examples

Should your e-learning module require some video examples, we have a fully-equipped studio as well as mobile shooting options.

Professional Host or Trainer

Each module will be hosted by a professional trainer or host to give your e-learning program a made-for-TV quality.


Advanced Design

We think PowerPoint screenshots are so yesterday, and would much rather take full advantage of our advanced video editing software to produce engaging slides and infographics.


Professionally Drafted Tools

Your team will love our professionally designed worksheets and desktop reminder tools that make learning a breeze.


Desktop Tools



No e-learning program would be complete without a method for assessing your learners’ grasp of new skills. Each module comes complete with its own set of quizzes, included in the Oculus training portal.

Available Training Courses

We have many great courses available within the e-learning portal that you can choose from, or, we can design a custom e-learning course to ensure your standards are met. Whatever the case, the learning possibilities are endless.

<b>Smart Start Subscription</b>

Smart Start Subscription

IMPRESS Complaints
IMPRESS Reservations
RUSH Callbacks

<b>Impress Subscription</b>

Impress Subscription

All Smart Start Courses +
Handling Information Calls
In-Person Interactions
IMPRESS Overbooking
IMPRESS Minimum Length of Stay
IMPRESS Handling Cancellations
IMPRESS Overcoming Resistance
IMPRESS Cross-Selling
IMPRESS Upselling

+ More Courses

<b>Sensitivity Subscription</b>

Sensitivity Subscription

Respectful Communications
Overcoming Language Barriers
Sexual Harrassment

For Oculus clients
with training packages
Each month per user
on a 12 month agreement
  • Video Training
  • All Plus Courses
  • IMPRESS Program
  • Quizzing
  • Completion Certificates
  • Manager Reporting
Each month per user
on a 12 month agreement
  • Video Training
  • All Impress Plus Courses
  • All Sensitivity Courses
  • Essay Style Quizzing
  • Completion Certificates
  • Manager Reporting
Per User
Access Valid for 30 Days
  • Video Training
  • Pick One Sensitivity Course
  • RESPECT Program
  • Quizzing
  • Completion Certificate
  • Manager Reporting (10+ users)
Package Discounts

We do offer package discounts based on factors such as the number of users, months required, and additional packages services. Contact our sales department for your custom quote.

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E-Learning Questions

We have tons of great customer service training courses that might be a great fit for you and your team. Take a look at just some of the most popular topics that we train or just have us design something specific for you.



Why do I have to provide an email to access your system?
From time to time, we might require that you provide us with an email address to access our system. Don't worry! We are not going to send you any promotional spam emails. We hate them too! If you access our Web-based Reporting, Chatter and Salesfo...

Presentation Disclaimer
Now, we stand by our information, but as with any great company, we need to have a legal presentation disclaimer on the information that we present. In short, although we work with them, we are not lawyers, so don't treat our training material as leg...

How will I know if my team completed their e-learning?
It is easy to know what your accomplishments were with the Oculus training portal. The system tracks your performance at all times. If you pass one of the course certification quizzes, you will be able to print the course certificates. Course certifi...


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