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Customize your own training or auditing program with Oculus!

In the past, you may have reviewed many training programs, only to find that they all work in some ways, but not in others. Are you tired of training programs that “kind of” work for your locations? An Oculus custom-designed training program might be a great fit for you and your team. If you want a training program that fits perfectly with your company’s culture, incorporates your brand standards, and has all of the components that your managers will buy into, our instructional design team can help you create it. 

We have all of the tools that you would need to make the program “pop", without the cost of dealing with multiple vendors to bring all of the pieces together. We do all of that work for you. No matter what type of training program or presentation medium you wish to utilize, we have expert consultants who can bring it all together. Our Instructional Design team will work with you to understand your needs and bring together the components that will make your program easy to manage. 

Here is how we create your personalized custom training program:

  1. Pre-Training Discovery 
    Once you have decided to partner with us, we will schedule a discovery meeting. We will speak with your managers and employees (should you wish), and review any brand standards and operating procedures to help us determine what will be included in your program. Through this comprehensive assessment, we determine your organization’s needs and incorporate these factors into our instructional design. 

  2. Program Research
    With your input and the data we have gathered during the organization assessment, we start to design your training. Our training programs are always based on psychological studies, statistical research, and supporting data. The concepts that we teach have been proven, not only by training companies, but by Governments and Universities as well.

  3. Outline and Approval
    Once we have created the course outline, we will send the details off to you for final approval. The outline review is your opportunity to request any adjustments before the content is used to design the actual training program and related tools.

  4. Design
    Now the fun begins! We will create all of the components you need for a successful training program. We can include classroom or e-learning scripts, standard operating procedures, guides, worksheets and pocket tools in our design plan. We have a staff of professional designers that work tirelessly to ensure we have flair and pizzazz within our presentations! No boring Power Points here! Your account manager will have already indicated which tools are available within the program of your choice. 

  5. Delivery
    Your custom training program can be delivered by e-learning video modules, webinars or a live instructor-led session. You can choose one, or all of the options that work best for your organizational structure. We strive to make training engaging and entertaining, no matter what option you choose. 


Custom training package are available to ensure your training is reinforced.

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Your custom training can include just about anything!

Here are just a few of the custom training program features available to you!


We use the power of animation to illustrate a point. It is cheaper than live video and can add some flair to your custom training. This feature is available for E-Learning modules.


Need a guide or new employee handbook? Move beyond a Word document and make a professional impression.  This feature is available for E-Learning, Training Programs, Training Tools, and Standard Operating Procedures Programs.


Sometimes a custom training site will make your employee management easier. We can help you make "knowledge based" search sites for your team. This feature is available for E-Learning, Training Tools, and Standard Operating Procedures Programs.


Our design team and trainers can custom create any training topic and complete the research to provide up-to-date training.


Sometimes e-learning has to be compliant with a variety of systems. It's not our favorite, but we can work with SCORM. This feature is available for E-Learning modules.


We can help you arrange for client and employee surveys to better understand the temperature of your business environment. This feature is available for Training Programs and Tools.


We love creating training documents that are functional and fit within your brand. Our training, with your look!


Custom training video demonstrations are the 5-star of training options. Make your e-learning stand out with live videos and professional voiceovers. This feature is available for E-Learning programs.

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