Complaint Management Training Online Overview

Learning how to deal with a complaint can be tough and time-consuming! That is why we have placed our complaint management training online. By logging into the Oculus web-based training portal, you can learn how to deal with customer complaints right from your desk, smartphone or tablet. It is that easy.

Our complaint management training online guides both your management and the customer-facing team members to ensure you have a winning strategy. We have outlined the course modules below. Our e-learning host, Allison will take you through the course concepts, and our animated characters will showcase some examples in an entertaining manner.

For management team members, we will review the following concepts:

  • Module 1: Manager Welcome
    We will introduce the complaint management module.

  • Module 2: The Perks
    We will discuss the perks of empowering your team members to handle incoming complaints effectively. It is motivating to know what the benefits will be, and that helps both the management and the team members remain enthusiastic about learning these new skills.

  • Module 3: One-on-One Meetings
    In this module, we will evaluate the need for ongoing one-on-one coaching support. We will review the importance of one-on-one coaching meetings and outline the best practices for conducting a successful and motivational one-on-one meeting with your team member.

  • Module 4: Management Summary
    In this closing module, we will review some additional best practices like unscheduled coaching, role-play, experience observation, and ongoing training.

Once your management team has completed their pre-course complaint management training online, the IMPRESS Complaint Management course will be made available for all of the team members covering the following:

  • Module 1: Introduction
    In this module, we will introduce the I.M.P.R.E.S.S Complaint Management technique.

  • Module 2: Invite
    In this module, we will introduce the first installment of the I.M.P.R.E.S.S Complaint Management concept, which is the INVITE step. Within this concept, we will review the importance of making the right first impression through body language, eye contact, your greeting, words, tone, and attitude.

  • Module 3: Invite: Body Language
    In this INVITE module, we will speak on the important role that your body language will play in sending the right service message to your customers. You want to make sure your body language is consistent with the words and the emotions that you are conveying.

  • Module 4: Invite: Eye Contact
    In this INVITE module, we will review the importance of keeping an attentive eye on incoming customers to show that you truly are ready to IMPRESS!

  • Module 5: Invite: Greetings
    In this INVITE module, we will review the importance of an appropriate acknowledgment, including a thank you, an introduction, and the offer of assistance.

  • Module 6: Invite: Apologizing and Priority Statements
    In this module, we will speak about the correct way to apologize when a service issue has happened. We outline why we should sincerely thank a customer for complaining, and finally, how to best communicate and confirm how we will meet their needs.

  • Module 7: Invite: Summary
    In this module, we will discuss the importance of slowing down to show genuine care and concern regarding a customer complaint. We will also review the correct way to manage line-ups or how to ask someone to wait.

  • Module 8: Measure the Need
    In this module, we will consider the importance of "measuring the needs" of your customers by asking the right questions. Asking open-ended questions helps us ascertain their specific needs, wants and wishes. We will also discuss why the Measure the Need step should be completed before providing solutions.

  • Module 9: Personal Connection
    In this module, we will introduce the personal connection step. The personal connection concept is one of the most significant steps within the IMPRESS complaint management process. We will discuss how addressing the emotions felt by the customer is important. Acknowledging their feeling is simply meeting them where they are at that moment. It signals that you have heard them and allows them to start defusing the negative emotion. Dealing with the emotion appropriately will help them move into a mindset that is now more open to discussing possible solutions.

  • Module 10: Reveal A Solution
    In this module, we will review how to provide solutions to resolve a complaint. A complaint is a learning opportunity FOR us, and we don't want to lose the lesson!

  • Module 11: Enter An Agreement
    In this module, we will discuss moving a resolution forward to the delight of your customers. We will look at providing a solution timeline and consider the steps being taken to address any customer concern.

  • Module 12: Strive to Wow
    In this module, we will introduce the Strive to WOW standard. We will review the importance of going above and beyond to WOW our customers. We will also present some ideas on how to turn complaints into memorable service experiences.

  • Module 13: Support the Interaction
    In this module, we will review the last section of the IMPRESS Complaint Management process. We will discuss the importance of following up on service issues to leave a positive lasting impression. Your customer will become a loyal supporter when they realize that you cared enough to follow up with them.

This complaint management training online is an in-depth training resource for all industries with a customer-facing team.



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