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Working with Oculus is a smart move!

We are always looking for new team members and if you think you have what it takes to become a not-so-secret agent for change, we want you! Working with Oculus is more than just training our clients in customer service or sales skills. We love our community and do things to make work a better place!

Here are just some of the great perks you might enjoy:

  •  Work from home in your p.j.'s!
  •  Flexible work hours.
  •  Make extra money from mystery shopping.
  •  Travel to exotic and not-so-exotic places.
  •  Company bonuses and profit-sharing plans.

Types of Careers

We know that you have choices in where you want to work. We hope that you will choose us! Here are the great opportunities we have for you:

<h4>Mysterious Mystery Shopper</h4>

Mysterious Mystery Shopper

Telephone and Onsite Mystery Auditing

<h4>Corporate and Management Peeps</h4>

Corporate and Management Peeps

Accounting, Sales, Coaching, Support

<h4>Intern Career Starters</h4>

Intern Career Starters

Paid Internships in Various Roles

<h4>Awesome Training Career Moves</h4>

Awesome Training Career Moves

Train Oculus IMPRESS Programs

Did someone contact you offering a job with Oculus? It looks like you have fallen victim to a phishing scam.

 Read more about this scam.

Work from anywhere in the world, because we do!

Apply today and become the newest member of Oculus!