Oculus Lumen Distinctions - Oculus Inspired Learners

Awards are a great way to showcase to the world that you are the top of your field and have been recognized for your superior service delivery. You should be proud!

At Oculus, we extend one learning award and one service distinction in a variety of categories each year. We want to let the world know some of the amazing performances that we see here at Oculus. Since we can't share the recordings, we, at least, get to promote the service providers who have been outstanding.

Lumen is the Latin word for "light", "bright", "star" or "shine". The Oculus Lumen Service Distinction provides recognition to those businesses and individuals who deliver consistently superior audited service levels, in person and over the telephone. The Oculus Lumen Service Distinction and Oculus Inspired Learner is calculated using a variety of factors, but common factors, rules, and qualifications include:

  • Individuals and/or businesses must be audited a minimum of 6 times per calendar year.
  • The Oculus IMPRESS scoring system is used to determine average ratings.
  • Disputed scores will not be counted.
  • There can be multiple award recipients per category.
  • Scoring consists of a combination of training engagement scores, skills assessment scores and "attitude" grade scores.
  • Winners whose business account is not in good standing or has late payments of over 40 days will be disqualified.
  • The winner will be required to provide a comment, photo, and video on request.
  • Locations are required to schedule a minimum of 50% of their contracted training and mystery shopping services.

Meet Previous Inspired Learner Winners

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Inspired Learner

Rachel is the master of 100% calls. When she responds to a call, not only are her customers IMPRESSed; they have a hard time saying no!


Inspired Learner

Sherwin is always putting his best foot forward and it doesn't matter the situation. Consistency and striving to provide an amazing customer experience is on Sherwin's radar.


Lumen Distinction

If you want to work for anyone, it's Karissa. She leads her team with positive reinforcement, but don't let that smile fool you. Karissa is hardcore about customer service.


Inspired Learner

Jaclyn thinks that providing exceptional customer service and the WOW factor will bring customers back. She is right!


The Beach Club Resort

Lumen Distinction

This island luxury resort is serving up more than just luxury rooms. They work to leave an impression that will keep you coming back time and again.

Nomad Hotel & Suites

Lumen Distinction

When we think about fun, we think about the Nomad hotel. They take pride in what they do and work hard to get better. Watch out Fort McMurray; the Nomad is taking over.

Merit Hotel & Suites

Lumen Distinction

We all can't be perfect, but the Merit Hotel comes pretty close to perfection with their telephone mystery calls. If you want to listen to a 100% call, try calling the Merit Hotel & Suites! Wow!



Inspired Learner

Lindsay is on a mission to provide the best customer service possible and that is why we have extended our Inspired Learner award to her.  When you visit Halifax, you need to stay with Lindsay!


Inspired Learner

Priyal is one of the 100% winners. She works to bring the best customer service experience to her callers who want to visit Moose Jaw. Look at that smile! Who wouldn't want to speak with Priyal!?


Awards Questions

We hope that we will be able to list you and your team members in our awards section.  Read more about the Oculus awards.




If I win, what am I required to do?
As a condition of your award acceptance, we will organize for your photo to be taken. There will be a video interview and your name and winning information can be released to the public....

Do I need to achieve 100% and A+?
Yes! In order to be placed in the prize draws, we do look for those individuals and companies who have achieved 100% and A+ on their onsite and telephone mystery shop calls....

What are the prizes available?
There are a variety of prizes available for Lumen and Inspired Learners. They do change from year to year, so the best way to understand the current prizes would be to speak with your account manager or email peoplecare@oculustraining.com...


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