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In 2007, our story began. Our founder was working for a large U.S.-based training company. He found research showing that training programs should be fun, fluid, and based on geographic, cultural, and economic factors. After his employer had rejected his ideas for the newer alternative training methods, he formed a new company called Oculus Training. The word, “Oculus,” is Latin for “the eye.” It has various definitions: meaning to focus, to look into the future, and to be mindful. Oculus was born for all of these reasons.

Today, Oculus Training Group is an industry leader in customer service, sales and sensitivity training. We work with some of the most prominent brands and companies in the world, such as Mercedes-Benz, Fairmont Hotels, Atlific Hotels, SPCA, Choice International, Intercontinental Hotel Group, and the Cupcake Girls. Oculus is a functional fusion of many worlds: customer service, training, sales, human resources, mystery shopping, and management consulting.

We create customized "designer" training solutions that are results-driven. By merging hotel and business operational fundamentals with creative and strategic execution, we provide a modernized approach to today's customer service operations. No two clients are alike, and we remain focused on creating a personalized customer service strategy to keep you competitive. Oculus calls Vancouver, Canada home, but our training programs can be found in organizations the world all over, from North America to Europe, to Australia.

Our training and mystery shopping services are perfect for hotels, retail, airline, non-profit, call centers and pretty much any industry. We already work with just about all of those vendors! If you have people, we can train them! We continue to grow and remain passionate about providing the most effective training using the cutting-edge technologies required to make change for your organization easy.

about our happy promise

Happy Promise

Our happy promise guarantees that when you work with Oculus, our team members will ALWAYS be happy to have the privilege of speaking and learning more about you! If they are not, we guarantee to fix it to your 100% satisfaction.

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Do you love Oculus so much that you would like to be a part of our ownership team? Training companies are a great investment. Let us show you why.

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Want to become a part of the Oculus team? We value every team member and what they do to make our company great! We would love to hear more about you.

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At Oculus Training we pride ourselves on being different. We think we are one of the best secret shopping companies out there because we think about new ways to best serve our customers.


Meet the Oculus team!

Want to know more about who we are? We are a mystery shop company, so we can't show our faces, but we do have the cartoon versions of us! We really care about our customers, and that is why we call our support "People Care". It's because we love you!

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Oculus History


What's Next?

We have many exciting plans for 2016. We are adding additional courses and continue to update our technologies. 


A New Look and Feel

We refreshed our website to make it easier for our customers to find out about our awesome programs!


Advanced Production

We made some changes to our e-learning course production. Adding more engaging animation, a video host and filmed scenes.


Online App

We made some strides with technology in 2013. We included the use of Chatter and modernized our web-based reporting.


Hoot, Hoot!

It was time to update our logo to our current cute owl. The attentive, ever-learning, wise owl represents our company well.


World Views

We expanded into the world this year, with new clients coming from Australia, the U.S.A and Europe.


We are a little bit sensitive.

The sensitivity training offerings were added to our service catalog. 



Oculus launched with limited service offerings. 


We Started in 2008

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